Why do you need Software for Legal Document Management?
September 30, 2022

Why do you need Software for Legal Document Management?

The big question often asked is, why do you need software for Legal Document Management? Well, we have a simple answer to this question – Why should you not??

Before embarking on a debate that dissects the merits and demerits of a software based legal document management system, it is imperative that we first understand what legal document management is and what it entails. It is only by understanding what is to be gained, will you be able to take a call whether you need the software or not. 

What is Legal Document Management?

Document management is the use of a computer system and software to store, manage, track, retrieve digital copies of documents and files. The purpose of the document management system is to reduce paper work and create an efficient system that is fail-safe. Document management is not the same as document storage. Document management is more involved and has more useful and thoughtful features like quick access, secure data management, collaboration etc. Document management systems help in boosting the productivity and the efficiency of an organisation. 

Document management systems are useful in a variety of industries. Legal document management software caters particularly to the specifics of legal work. As such, due to the sensitive nature of documents and files involved, legal document management needs more security, stricter adherence to safety protocols and careful management of data. 

What happens when you don’t have a legal document management system?

Conventional storage of documents involves risks such as fire, theft, damage due to pests, etc. When you do not have a legal document management system in place, the loss of data can prove to be catastrophic for your law firm / legal department.  

Lack of a robust document management system can create serious consequences for your law firm / legal department. 

The risks of poor document control involves

  • Loss of data in the event of a disaster such as fire, earthquake, water damage, floods etc. 
  • Loss of data, reputation due to security breach resulting in theft of valuable documents / files 
  • Loss of time, resources and money due to the effort involved in the manual search of papers / files / documents    
  • Loss of competitive edge due to not being up-to-date and compliant with the latest technology and facilities

The bottomline is, the lack of a robust legal document system adversely affects the reliability and credibility of your law firm / legal department. It has a direct bearing upon the efficacy, efficiency and progress of your organisation.      

Take advantage of the benefits of Legal Document Management

A legal document management system offers many advantages. With a legal document management system there is no dependency. Document storage process is automated and therefore fail-safe and efficient. The entire data is digitised and stored using cloud-based software. Additionally, it creates a fail-safe system wherein regular backups of the stored data are taken. There are many levels of failure-proof security and safety protocols that protect the data against security breaches. 

With a well sorted document management system, the need for storing huge amounts of case records / files / documents is eliminated. Though the documents cannot be done away with, the need for active storage is greatly reduced. The huge quantity of physical files can be moved to the godown / back office. There is also no need for cumbersome searches as the digital storage provides for an easy, fast and precise search and retrieval process.

Gain more with Manage My Lawsuits

It is important to understand how systems provide critical organisation for legal departments. Softwares such as Manage My Lawsuits links documents to matters which ensures that you can quickly and accurately locate the required information. It provides quick access to data on the go which helps you save time. You can also categorise and sort documents and files by types which ensures that the information that you need can be accessed immediately. With Manage My Lawsuits legal document management system, you can control, restrict or grant access to users that determines how different teams can interact and collaborate with each other. Not only does this boost productivity, but it also helps protect the data by reinforcing the security.    

Unlock and unleash the full potential with Manage My Lawsuits legal document management software. 

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