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I like that MML is so matter-centric and logically connected to everything. It has made me a better organizer and frees up time for personal work. I use the case diary the most and love the hearing dates reminders. 

Dr. G S Srinivas, Raghu Ram and CO., Bangalore

The legal department at our corporation was looking for cost-effective data management software. Manage My Lawsuits wasn't our first choice, but after the first trial, we were convinced that the functionality, user-friendliness and price point would work out well for us. The to-dos module and calendar provide us timely information and alert to make informed legal and business decisions.

Advocate Sarode, Government Department, Maharashtra

My experience with MML has been excellent – it is exactly what I was looking for. Every feature has been thoughtfully designed and I am able to track all my cases and hearing dates much, much more efficiently than before. Congratulations to Shivhare and team on a great product.

Krishna S Dixit, Assistant Solicitor General, Bangalore High Court

We were having a tough time managing our client communication and invoices on spreadsheets. During the time that we were looking at accounting and CRM software, we came upon Manage My Lawsuits online and signed up for the free trial. We loved it immediately and brought our entire team on board. Its legal billing and expense management features are exactly what we wanted, and the downloadable notes have been very helpful in court.

Joshua Hudson Samuel, J Hudson Samuel & Patners, Bangalore

Excellent case management system! The guys at MML follow-up promptly and solve any problems you may be facing while using the software. Possibly the best out there currently.

V K Bhat, Kukkaje & Bhat, Advocates and Artitrators, Bangalore

We tried out a few case management systems but settled on Manage My Lawsuits for its straightforward and distraction-free interface. The features are good, in particular the notes management, customized cause lists and hearing dates reminders. The best thing is that we are able to use it anywhere and at any time, so it's really like carrying your office with you!

Biju K Nair, Mishi Choudhary & Associates LLP, New Delhi avatar

The hearing dates reminder is by far the best feature of the software. It helps us prepare for deadlines in a more judicious manner. We are able to coordinate between advocates, clients and witnesses for written declarations, arguments and other documentation much before time. These reminders work better than the ones we were previously setting on our phones after looking at daily cause lists.

Ramesh Chandra, Ramesh Chandra and Advocates, Bangalore

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