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You learnt it at law school and put it to practice at courts. But beyond technique, note-taking is also about safe storage, on-demand retrieval and easy tracking. Here’s where our smart notes management feature enters the picture.

Add notes to any case or every case you want. Select the particular case and click on the ‘notes’ tab to start filling in key points, summary and other details. As the ‘documents’, ‘related cases’, ‘to-dos’, ‘orders/judgements’, ‘activity/history’, ‘timesheet’ and ‘expenses’ tabs related to the case are also on the same page, referencing, validating and connecting information is as efficient as it can get. Choose to share your notes with team members or mark them as private.

By saving your case notes online and having all your case data backed-up, you are safeguarding against loss or damage in a meaningful way. Whether you want to refer your notes just before your case is due to be heard, at the time of preparing your argument, or when you have a ‘eureka’ moment about a case while you’re vacationing, you can access key aspects of the judgement, counsel’s arguments or the observations/comments you jotted down, with a few clicks.

  • Avoid repeated efforts digging through paper notes in your drawer, files or the dry waste bin!
  • Add highlights of a conversation with client and review or edit at a later time.
  • Use notes as a refresher before arguing your case or following up with client at a future date.
  • Prepare case notes and refer to them during your oral arguments in court. As the software generates a PDF of your saved notes, you can also carry the prints with you.
  • Notes also come in handy in the rare instances when your client asks questions about or disputes the advice provided by you or your law firm.

Lawyers may maintain notes when discussing a potential case with a non-client to correctly determine if they have spoken to the person as well as the details of the conversation. This is often done to protect against accusations of lawyer misconduct or claims about the existence of a client attorney relationship.

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