We’ve Come a Long Way in a Short Time

Manage My Lawsuits (MML) is a product of the digital age, purpose-designed for Indian lawyers, law firms, and legal departments. Our web-based case management software provides solutions to the challenges faced in organizing, streamlining, and effectively utilizing the dynamic information that advocates and law firms handle each day.

We have a deep passion for technology and extensive knowledge of the Indian judicial system as well as the administrative and productivity challenges faced by legal professionals. MML is our answer to your question, ‘how can I do this in a faster, simpler, and better way?’.

Our Story

The world is digitizing in many ways. Technology is slowly transforming not just businesses but also government branches. In India, the early steps of digitization in the judicial branch are being taken, which is good news for legal professionals. Under the Digital India initiative championed by Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has aimed to digital empower people. Shri Modi has stated on Twitter that technology is playing a significant role in this century, and he sees technology having a big scope in the judiciary as well.

This new, modern mindset has encouraged innovative businesses to facilitate technological change that the judicial ecosystem aims to achieve. Manage My Lawsuits is among those early companies and an early frontline of case management software in India. We were inspired by Digital India as well as the scheme for the complete digitization of litigation in all courts, starting with the paperless filing of appeals, launched by 44th Chief Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar.

Our legal solutions also inspired by the personal experience of our founder Deepak K. Shivhare, who, after a conversation with an advocate friend, realized that even in the age of Digital India, lawyers were hugely dependent on physical records and basic desktop software.

The MML team then came together to pursue the idea of a ‘CRM and virtual office for lawyers’ aggressively, going the extra mile to understand the existing technology framework for the legal industry and drilled down to the smallest details of running a law practice. By stitching ideas, insights, and experiences together, the team laid a solid foundation for a software-based litigation support service that lawyers and law firms would adopt and love instantly.

In January 2017, Manage My Lawsuits was launched in the Karnataka High Court to a positive reception. It marked the end of a long journey of discovery and creativity and the beginning of a new phase of exciting possibilities with our law software.

Our Vision

To provide a virtual office that is always on.

Our Mission

To help lawyers, law firms & legal departments to reduce their manual work and pendency of the cases in the court by providing powerful case automation software, which assures that you and your clients or advocates never miss the hearing in the court and achieve goals.

Our Promise

Users have embraced Manage My Lawsuits Features for a number of reasons:

  • It streamlines cases
  • It is tailored to real-world workflows
  • It simplifies information sharing
  • It offers unmatched usability
  • It is a single source of data retrieval
  • It is accessible on any internet-enabled device
  • It is useful for the individual as well as teams
  • It is an eco-friendly solution
  • It is specially designed for Indian lawyers and law firms
  • Saves significant time

Try the case management software for free, and we’re confident that you’ll become a fan of Manage My Lawsuits in no time at all.

Our Founder and the Team

Our founder, Deepak K. Shivhare, has extensive experience working for multinational companies in roles that have put him at the intersection of business and technology. He has 14 years of IT experience and has served in executive positions across the technology, banking, consumer service, and healthcare industries. The legal practice management software is his brainchild.

Besides helming Manage My Lawsuits, Deepak also serves as Managing Director of JBK Infotech Pvt. Ltd., a global web development company helping small and medium-sized companies win orders and grow their business by implementing smart digital marketing technologies.

The Manage My Lawsuits team comprises capable and enthusiastic individuals who love what they do. We work in a safe and encouraging environment that values freedom of thought, action, and expression. Collaboration is expected, ideas are challenged, and clients are always at the center of strategic decisions. Our corporate culture also places immense value on continuous learning – training and reviews are conducted for everyone on the team.

  • We think big yet sensibly and approach creatively
  • Constant learning and improvement is ingrained in us
  • Customer service excellence is our motto
  • We aspire to build lasting relationships

We also let our hair down, and for now, that means giving our bodies and minds a good workout by challenging each other differently – at football, cricket, and indoor games!

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