June 6, 2022

Progress Vs Perfection: How To Reduce Case Pendency In Courts

Case pendency in courts is a chronic problem that is plaguing the Indian legal system. There’s an age-old adage – Justice delayed is justice denied. But when courts are overwhelmed with cases, there is little that can be done to administer quick justice.  

The reasons for case pendency in courts are many – administrative issues (lack of judges and staff to ensure swift disposal of cases), infrastructure inadequacy (lack of technology to aid faster processes), the time consumption of cases, and finally, the sheer number of cases filed. While administrative issues and increasing caseloads are not under the purview of this article, the reduction of the case time through the adoption of better technology is something that can be talked about – and implemented. 

For a Faster & Better System

Reducing case pendency does not essentially mean that the number of cases filed should be lessened. On the contrary, given our country’s population size and the growing awareness and literacy levels of the citizens, the number of new cases filed is only set to increase exponentially. Reducing case pendency is all about how fast the pending cases can be closed. When the rate at which the cases are closed per year is higher than the rate at which new cases are being filed, it is evident that case pendency is decreasing. As a legal firm, it is equally your responsibility to contribute to a faster system. 

There are many ways through which you can be a contributor to an efficient system. Here are a few tips that will help you be a part of the change –

1. Bring Digitalisation

Going Digital grants you easy access to data. It creates an efficient storage system with the benefit of unprecedented access to data. Storing data digitally is not only cost-efficient but is also safe and theft-proof. The chances of losing case data is also next to impossible. The adoption of AI introduces smart management to your firm. In short, going digital saves time – not only at your office, but also in the courts by helping you be better prepared. A Legal Case Management Software can help digitise your Law firm or Legal Department and also help in creating a highly compatible virtual office.

2. Make Communications Online

By making things online, you stand to save valuable time. Communication, both within the office and between the courts or tribunals, is more efficient and faster. The chances of messages or notices not reaching the intended party is very less. Communicating and collaborating is an indispensable part of the law profession. Often, the communications have to be confidential and secure. Effectively conveying the information is a top priority for legal firms. Online communication offers a fail-proof mode of communication that is fast, secure, encrypted and very safe. Although many forums, especially Tribunals and Authorities are not online yet, it is safe to say that it is only a matter of time. The Covid disruption has clearly established that digital communication is the way of the future.

3. Reduce Human effort. Implement systems.

Despite what one may argue, systems are clearly more efficient than human effort and faster too. Gone are the days of being dependent on the clerical staff to prepare drafts or take notes. Digital law firm management reduces the delays caused due to human error. As a simple example, a typing error such as a misspelt name has the potential to delay proceedings as the concerned people then will have a hard time finding out their matter by their name because of the wrongly spelt name! In a country that has an already overburdened legal system, such small mistakes prove to be very time-consuming and expensive.  

4. Adopt online hearings & e-system (e-filing, e-pay of court fees, and issue of e-summons, e-notices)

Online hearings save time. With an online system in place, the time required for commuting between courts and offices is eliminated. This opens up the possibility of attending to many more cases. You can hear many matters – be it Tribunal, High Court or even Supreme Court. Also, the e-system streamlines the entire process of filing, paying fees or issuing summons. It is transparent, fast, cost-effective and fail-safe. With an e-summon, it is impossible for the intended party to deny having received a summon. 

5. Create Awareness

The Covid pandemic demonstrated that it pays to be future-ready. When the disruption happened, the law firms that had already adopted a digital model not only survived, but thrived. It is only through awareness and by constantly evolving can one be prepared for whatever the future will throw at us. A digital office is the way of the future. For a country struggling to reduce case pendency, it is the only salvation. Adopt digital office software and encourage others to do so.  

MML was founded with a vision to help the legal fraternity manage their office better. We are well aware of the challenges and stresses the law firms, Corporates, and Government Departments across the country face and it is our endeavour to make their lives a little bit easier. Striving for perfection, especially through human effort, is bound to cause stress and delays. It is our goal to progress through digital model. With our software, advocates can do e-filing to any courts within India, attend e-hearing in any court, and e-pay to any court. They can also manage case data efficiently, without losing even a small bit of information, search through the case data, keep a track of hearings, and manage contacts more effectively.

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