August 11, 2022

Is being a lawyer stressful

When you think about a lawyer, the first picture that comes to your mind is a strict-faced, soberly dressed person in a black overcoat who rarely even smiles, let alone laughs. They are the very serious type, carry stacks of papers – files – folders in their hands, run from courtroom to courtroom, shout themselves hoarse by arguing in front of an equally impassive judge and when the day is done, go home and spend even more hours poring over case files under the dim flickering light of a table lamp, preparing for an equally hectic next day. Their hair is always disheveled and they are always grumpy because they are very stressed due to the high profile cases they handle, and the life of an innocent hangs in the balance. If that is the image you got, congratulations – you can thank our movie industry for that!

The truth is, the law profession is just like any other job. It has its ups and downs and stresses and happy moments. 

Not all lawyers visit courts as well – Contracts, drafts, agreements, mergers etc. are all done away from the court. It is only when a litigation crops up that the need to visit a court arises. Even if a lawyer does end up visiting a court, it is not necessary that he/she needs to be stressed! Will a surgeon who has successfully carried out many operations feel stressed before entering OT? Or, does a mechanic who has done many engine overhauls feel stressed during yet another routine rebuild? Court process is a part of the legal world – it does not entirely comprise the legal life, nor does it intimidate or stress a lawyer. 

So where does the stress come from?

Stress is an inherent part of every profession – the law profession is not any different. A few possible stress triggers and ways in which they can be mitigated are –

1. Missed deadlines

The fear of missed deadlines is one of the biggest stress inducers for a lawyer. There are many reasons why a deadline might be missed – misinformation, forgetfulness owing to too much caseload, wrong entry etc. As a simple solution – a case management software Manage My Lawsuits can go a long way in reducing missed deadlines. With safe data storage, easy access, e-filing facility and timely reminders, a case management software efficiently takes care of small things that if left unattended, can cause a big worry. 

2. Data search

A lawyer has to scour through immense case data to find small nuggets of information. When faced with a time crunch, this can be a big stress inducer. 

A case management software like Manage My Lawsuits yet again offers a solution for this – an efficient search tool that can instantly find the information you are looking for – thereby saving trouble, time and stress!

3. Time management

One thing a lawyer is always short of is time – there is just so much to do and so little time! Running between courts during hearing dates, trying to find the right courtroom – it would seem a lawyer has to be everywhere! So stressful! Or, is it?

A lawyer cannot be everywhere, but a software like Manage My Lawsuits can! With a software enabled virtual office, you can attend hearings and even function your office remotely. This saves you commute time and gives a great deal of flexibility.   

4. Missed hearing dates/appointments

Missed hearings are a lawyer’s worst nightmare. It can even earn a Contempt. The fear of missed hearing dates constantly gnaws at the back of the head causing stress. Missed hearing date can be a result of miscommunication, wrong data entry and omission due to not remembering the event.

With case management software like Manage My Lawsuits, you will never miss a hearing date again! The app provides smart reminders which notifies you about upcoming events in advance.

5. Client Dissatisfaction

A client never likes to be kept in the dark regarding the case proceedings – after all, it is their matter that you are attending to. But a lawyer is a busy person – sometimes, inadvertently, there may be a communication gap which might lead to the client getting dissatisfied with the service.

Through a case management software, a client can be kept in the loop about the real time case updates. A happy client is a stress-free you!


No life is stressful or stress-free – it is the way you handle matters that matters. Focusing on a job at hand is the best way to beat stress and give your 100% to the job at hand. A happy person is one who has a happy professional life and personal life and they are both kept far apart! Laugh at home, enjoy with friends and when it is time for work, focus fully on that and get things done! Technology has simplified life, allowing you to spend more time on the important things – professional or personal. Use the tools and processes to your advantage – they are there for your benefit.

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