How to Run Your Law Firm Remotely
July 12, 2022

How to Run Your Law Firm Remotely

Is your legal firm ready for another Covid-like disruption? Are you truly future-ready?

If you hesitated even a tiny bit before answering, then this article is for you. Read on – we promise that it will be worth your time!

The Covid pandemic was a wake-up call to everybody. It was an equaliser that levelled the playing field. Those who were adept at adapting survived, while the rest disappeared. The legal fraternity too underwent drastic changes. What was once a technology averse establishment was forced to look for and embrace digital solutions. Face-to-face meetings were replaced by Online meetings such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet etc., filings were replaced by e-filing, courts were replaced by e-courts and the traditional law firm office made way for an anywhere, anytime, any device virtual office.  

Technology gave everyone an equal chance again at succeeding. It is now up to the individuals to scale-up and meet the clients’ requirements.   

Bridge the gap with Technology

The advancements in technology and connectivity have enabled lawyers to work from remote locations. It is now no longer essential to visit the courts or attend meetings in person – e-hearings and e-filings mean that everything can be done online. This, while saving a huge amount of time, also opens up the possibility of attending to more cases than ever before. From the comforts of their home or a co-working space, lawyers can now plead cases across many courts and fill up their timeline with many more cases.  

The flexibility offered by running a remote law firm reduces the overhead costs drastically. Office space, utility bills and expenses, transportation costs, additional staff expenses etc are saved. This alone greatly enhances the profitability of the legal firm.

How to run a law firm remotely 

Digitisation has penetrated the legal field. The legal fraternity is rapidly embracing the benefits of digitisation. The benefits of running a law firm remotely is a lucrative proposition that can hardly be ignored. Reduced overheads, more access and the comfort of an anywhere-anytime office are just too alluring. It also offers the advantage of a setup that can help you be prepared for an unexpected disruption. We never know when, how or in what form the next great disruptor is going to be. A remote law firm is your best chance at being future-ready. 

Remote working can be made possible by adopting cloud-based legal software. With a smart digital office, you are no longer dependent or tied to a physical office. It also eliminates other dependencies. A case management software increases mobility and productivity. 

There are many benefits to be gained from remote working via a virtual office. Chief among them are –  

  • Commute time is saved. This opens up more productive working hours.
  • You can work from anywhere, for any client, across courts.
  • Virtual meetings are easier and more secure. Also, there is an option of recording meetings.
  • You can hire a team remotely. You can also save huge office infrastructure costs and reduce other overheads.
  • Data storage is safe, secure and easily accessible.
  • No dependency.

Apart from legal management software, it is also advantageous to invest in a good website and social media presence. They give your brand recognition and are powerful tools to advertise your service to a wider audience. 


It is possible to run your law firm remotely only if you start using a Legal Case Management Software. Not only does it make you future ready, it also streamlines the way your law firm functions – thereby boosting efficiency and productivity. There are many tools through which you can monitor or track the productivity of your office staff. Productivity trackers create better accountability and transparency in the way the office functions. As long as the work is done efficiently, it hardly matters whether you have an office or not and honestly, a good worker will work anywhere – be it home, or at the office or just about everywhere! 

A good legal management software is therefore critical – it is the deciding factor whether your remote law firm achieves a breakthrough or a breakdown. Manage My Lawsuits ensures that you are no longer dependent on your office. It helps you set up your virtual office anywhere, anytime and on any device.     

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