How to manage multiple legal proceedings?
December 26, 2022

How to manage multiple legal proceedings?

The good thing is, you are growing, and hence you cannot be everywhere. 

As a lawyer, though being very capable, you still cannot be everywhere. Your practice is be growing fast, and you need to plan faster. If you plan for the future right away, even when things get quite overwhelming, it will still be possible to manage multiple legal proceedings. 

Planning is everything

With growing practice comes multiple hearings. Most lawyers fall into the trap of thinking that they can manage things by themselves and do not need additional help, be it hiring more people or adopting technology. Money saved is money earned, right? 

It might be possible to manage the rush on some days, but on most days things will get overwhelming pretty fast. This leads to costly mistakes happening, frustration buildup and results in unhappy clients. If you do not invest in building a system and a team, it will be tough to manage events as you grow. It will end up being a case of money saved is money lost! It is a competitive world out there and there are many people preparing, and even praying, for the same things that you want. If you do not plan your growth, you may be the quickest off the line, but you will surely lose the race. 

An efficient system

The key to managing multiple legal proceedings is by building an efficient system. Be it hiring more people, adopting technology or creating streamlined processes – everything contributes towards the ultimate goal, your organisation’s continued success. If you do not update and upgrade, you will be sadder, and your client will suffer.

  • Build 

Build an efficient team. Hire people who align with your firm’s core values. Build a clear system and process that can function efficiently even in your absence. By having defined processes and an efficient workforce, managing multiple legal proceedings will be an easy task.

  • Adopt 

Adopt the latest technology and software. Wherever possible, automate processes. When regular tasks such as filing, tracking case updates, managing hearings etc. are taken over by software, things will be much easier to manage when you have multiple legal proceedings. Also, the chances of mistakes happening is greatly reduced. 

  • Be proactive 

When you know that managing tasks is getting harder, despite having enough people on board, you can plan and take extensions when required. By being proactive, you can manage multiple legal proceedings by planning your schedule better and having enough room to accommodate emergencies. 


A digital case management software and case diary such as the one from Manage My Lawsuits can help you manage multiple legal proceedings efficiently. It automates many processes such as tracking of case updates, filing, sending out timely reminders, managing upcoming tasks and to-do lists etc. You can also assign tasks and keep tabs on progress through a transparent system. Managing data is also an easy process when you have ready access to required data through a smart search tool. Manage My Lawsuits case management software helps you set up your virtual office wherever you are and whenever you want.  

When you have a strong reminder system and fail-proof case tracking, managing multiple legal proceedings gets easier with Manage My Lawsuits.

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