August 31, 2022

How MIS can help your Law Firm by increasing your awareness?

Information is a source of learning and progress. It is the resolution of uncertainty. But information is only useful when it is in an easily understandable format. Accurate and understandable information is a key part of progress and awareness. 

Good management information is crucial for the functioning of a law firm / legal department. Law firms / legal department require accurate information in order to enable them to make timely and complete decisions. Performance monitoring is a great index of progress measure.

What is MIS?

Management Information System, abbreviated as MIS, is a computerised database of information that is organised and programmed in such a way that it produces regular reports on operations for every parameter in a law firm / legal department. MIS makes it possible to obtain special reports from the system easily. MIS can be used as a feedback system about the performance of the law firm / legal department. MIS measures progress against goals. 

How can a Law Firm / Legal Department benefit from MIS?

MIS is an amalgamation and automation of important law office procedures such as counting, tallying, record-keeping and accounting. An MIS system gathers comprehensive data, organises the data and summarises it into easily decipherable information. This data helps in analysing performance, planning operations and evaluating the accountability of the team. The core purpose of MIS is to improve decision making through better awareness.

Building right awareness is the key operative of MIS. For example, a government department will be handling many cases spread across many different courts all over the state, sometimes even at a national level. It might not always be required for those incharge to know the exact status of each case, the litigants, the matter being disputed etc, but as a department, it will be to their benefit to know how many cases are being filed, how many cases are being resolved and what is the percentage of pendency. This gives a better understanding of the progress being made by the organisation’s legal team.

With better understanding of the operations, accountability of the team can be better evaluated. MIS reports are also beneficial in understanding the performance of the external team of advocates. MIS also helps in keeping a tab on the expenses incurred by the legal department / law firm. With MIS, it is possible to keep a count of the number of hearings that happened in a specific period of time, expenses incurred during that period, how much money was spent by the law firm / legal department etc through the generation of comprehensive data.

What Manage My Lawsuits can do for you?

MIS reports are the best measure of progress against goals. At Manage My Lawsuits you can generate MIS reports through our dedicated software. Getting information about the cases that are running across many courts is now easier than ever before. With Manage My Lawsuits’ MIS, you can generate real-time performance reports. It is also possible to generate analytical reports by comparing projections and performances. This can prove to be a valuable insight when it comes to better work allocation and management of the law firm / legal department. Manage My Lawsuits’ MIS also improves internal communication between teams. Better efficiency of the transaction processing system and decision support system is achieved through MIS reports. You can step up the efficiency of your law firm / legal department with MIS reports generated by

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