How can software reduce human error in litigation?
October 17, 2022

How can software reduce human error in litigation?

We are sure everyone will agree that human error is an unintended action or decision which leads to undesirable consequences. As humans, we all tend to make mistakes. In fact, making mistakes is an inevitable part of the human experience. But it is not the mistakes that should define us – it is how we cope with them or find means and ways to avoid errors from occurring that will ultimately determine how the organisation flourishes. Implementing technological aids is a great way to mitigate the impact of human errors.

Human error – how do they occur?

Dependency is a major factor of human error in litigation. This is especially true in large organisations such as government departments or corporate offices. More the number of humans, more is the chance of error creeping in. Consider the example of a government department – A government department usually has a large number of cases running. These are handled by a law officer who is supported and is dependent on clerical staff and lawyers from the external legal firms. The law team is in turn dependent on clerical staff and external law teams for updates and information. When the dependency is this extreme, the chances of errors creeping into the system are very high indeed. Simple errors arising out of oversight, miscommunication, carelessness etc can have severe consequences. Errors such as wrong entry, spelling mistakes, incorrect entry of dates etc are more common than you might think! The issue of human error is more pronounced in larger firms than in small firms due to the scale of operations. This is because communication problems, coordination problems, personnel transfers, etc have a direct impact on the functioning of the legal department.

How can software reduce human error in litigation?

The basic premise in implementing software solutions to mitigate human error is that humans are fallible and errors are to be expected, even in the best organisations – but software based systems are infallible and error-free. Errors are seen as consequences rather than causes, having their origins in systemic factors. By controlling those processes and introducing automation to reduce human involvement, an error-free system can be created. Though we cannot change human behaviour, we can definitely change the conditions under which humans work. Technology can be used to create a process that is fail-safe, precise and accurate. By using technological aid, errors can be corrected, or even eliminated altogether . 

Automate to progress

Automation reduces human error and improves the overall efficiency of the legal department. Tasks such as regular case updates, hearing dates’ tracking, regular notifications, etc are automatically fetched from the source and updated instantly. This ensures that all the concerned parties, including the clients, are kept up-to-date regarding the case progress. This makes monitoring case progression easy and ensures that the whole team is on the same page. Timely alerts and reminders ensure that you are intimated about upcoming tasks well in advance. 

With automation, it is easy to access case data from anywhere and at any time. This greatly saves time and improves speed and performance of the legal department.      

The benefits of a better system

Implementing software-based solutions in litigation can reduce errors to a very great extent. As a result, processes take less time, while performance of the legal department is greatly improved. Due to automation, resources can be better allocated to perform more important tasks in the legal department. Automation improves the efficiency of the legal department.   

Manage My Lawsuits is at the forefront of providing software based solutions that help reduce human error in litigation and greatly improve the performance and efficiency of the legal department. Our software has been developed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of individual lawyers as well as big law firms and legal departments. The software is user-friendly and customisable to suit individual requirements. With the implementation of our software, monitoring case progress, receiving case updates, tracking hearing dates / meetings etc is completely automated. This helps your legal department stay up-to-date with case progress and plan your days / months ahead more efficiently.

Consult us to know more about how software can make a difference in the functioning of your legal department by eliminating human error and creating a better system and process.    

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