May 20, 2022

Does My Law Firm or Legal Department Require A CRM? Absolutely!

The practice of Law is a sacred profession. But at its core, a law firm too is a business and needs to be managed as such. Modern tools like Case Management Software, Task Management, Hearing Dates Management, Legal Document Management, etc. have made managing a law firm or a legal department simpler. With the implementation of modern tools, client relationships can be improved. It also helps in creating a streamlined process and accounts for enhanced profitability. A CRM system is an opportunity to manage your legal organization/department better.

So What is CRM for Law Practice?
Simply expanded, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The word “CRM” does not mean it is solely made for IT companies or is used by IT Companies alone. It is not! CRM is a broad term for managing cliens & potential clients and is widely used by professionals from every industry. And for a law firm or a legal department, it is an invaluable tool that uses technology to effectively and efficiently manage all the interactions with clients and prospective clients. Though it might seem like a cliché, a CRM does indeed help law firms or legal departments manage data and resources better. The integration of technology with the law profession brings with it the benefits and the flexibility of the digital world to the law world.

More than just a Database…
A CRM is a digital database that does much more than just store contacts and numbers. It is a repository of information of current clients, prospective clients, their relevant details, the priority level of the client, references, etc. It’s a client management system that makes your job easier as you can get all the client data on a single platform.

How Can CRM Software Help My Law Practice? 
With CRM integrated into your law practice, you not only save time but also avoid worries.  It gives you a clear overview of your practice. From data management to invoicing and everything in between, CRM covers all the bases- Legal practice management, legal case hearing management, Case Management, To-Dos Management Document Management, Client Management, etc. Here are a few ways in which CRM can help your business – 

  1. Future-proof
    Covid-19 was a great disruptor. The pandemic forced people to rethink their work models. Though the law profession is interaction intensive, Covid-19 forced the legal fraternity to work from home. This proved greatly beneficial to firms that were already digital. For others, it was a great time to discover the benefits of becoming more digital than ever. Your law firm or legal department can be future-proof with the adoption of CRM. It makes your practice responsive to unforeseen changes.
  2. Reduce Paperwork
    Law profession and paper trails go hand-in-hand. Paperwork, documents, records, files, and folders are part and parcel of the legal system. But too many of these can quickly overwhelm any system. What a CRM does for you is it optimizes your documents and paperwork into a digital storage. You can organize data in folders and tag them accordingly. A CRM is a single source of data storage and retrieval tool. From timesheets to invoicing and billing, all the processes are digital.
  3. No More Document Mismanagement – You are in safe hands.
    Imagine digging out one piece of information from amidst hundreds of thousands of pages! With many papers in storage, referencing or finding a document can turn into a time-intensive and cumbersome process. CRM avoids document mismanagement by providing safe and secure storage, greater visibility, and easy access with the added benefit of a search option. Also, the threat of damage or loss that is ever-present with paperwork is completely eliminated.
  4. Improve Process
    A CRM has the potential to streamline the entire process of your legal firm or legal department. It introduces structure and transparency that can transform the way your organization functions. The communication and coordination between teams are made better. The resulting clarity and knowledge management saves both time and effort for the organization as well as for the client and is a big plus in giving a boost to overall client satisfaction. A CRM can bolster the professionalism level of your organization.
  5. Build a Strong Client Relationship
    A CRM system allows you to build a strong client relationship. Transparency and communication are key highlights of a CRM system. A CRM is an interface between you and your client – it aids in the easy sharing of case data and real-time updates through seamless access. Clients can stay up-to-date with case progress, upcoming hearing dates, meetings, and other activities. CRM affords you a personalized engagement with the clients and results in strengthened customer trust.
  6. Improve Efficiency & Accessibility
    CRM provides improved visibility and enhanced access to data, knowledge, and references. Therefore, it is easy to collaborate and collate data with a CRM system. Also, managing calendars, scheduling tasks, managing cases, preparing schedules, and keeping track of upcoming events are simplified and automated. Greater accessibility and better organization result in an immediate increase in the efficiency of the entire system.
  7. Manage Tasks
    With CRM, you can organize important tasks based on a priority hierarchy. You can also manage time better. An integrated reminder system ensures that you are alerted well in time for upcoming hearings, appointments, and meetings. With a CRM, tasks can be allocated their due importance and priority level. This makes it easy for the organization to manage engagements efficiently.

Does Your Law Firm/Legal Department Need A CRM?
Bluntly stated, the answer is an overwhelming YES! Technology has penetrated the law practice and is here to stay. A CRM brings never-before-seen transparency and data and process management to your law firm. The use of technology has streamlined the entire process and has enhanced coordination. Matter management is more efficient. A CRM is safe, secure and is a fool-proof way of storing case files and other resources. It helps you stay future-proof by gearing up your organization to cope with disruptors like Covid etc. From client management to data management to scheduling tasks to referencing to reminders to invoicing and billing, a CRM does it all!

In short, a CRM is arguably the smartest way of managing your law firm or legal department.  

Which is The Best CRM in the Market?
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