Automation - how automated case updates can help your law firm or legal department
October 11, 2022

Automation – How Automated Case Updates Can Help Your Law Firm or Legal Department?

In the legal world every update is important. Relevant and in-time information of a case helps in managing workflow. Simply stated, case updates are a sign of case progression. 

Case updates – how important are they?

Though all case updates are very important in the legal process, the most important update is usually the one about case hearing. The involved parties are informed about the upcoming hearing date through a notification. The hearing date is very important as it is the opportunity given by the court to present your side of the case. 

If the dependency on the notification about upcoming hearing is manual (through physical visit), the chances of missing out are very high. But when the process becomes automatic, there is no dependency on anything, and hence very less chance of missing it out. 

Automate to create a better system

In a non-automated situation, in case a hearing date gets postponed for some reason, the onus of informing the client, the rest of the team and all the involved parties is a cumbersome task that involves reaching out to every single person and intimating them about the update.      

Automation fixes the ambiguity and inadequacy of the system by plugging the loopholes. It solves the issue of dependency on physical notification / update by digitizing the process. It also reduces the workload to a great extent by creating an automated platform where sharing information is very easy and hassle-free. 

Automation solves the problem of tracking and staying updated with case notifications, especially for hearings. But when the system also provides case updates to clients / teams etc. it is even more beneficial. Automation ensures that everybody involved in the case stays on the same page. 

Consider the following example –

You are constructing a building. Your neighbour has an objection and files a case against you. The matter is running in the court and the hearing date has been set for six months after. In the meantime, the construction activity continues. Your neighbour realises that if not stopped immediately, the construction will be completed well before the scheduled hearing date! So, he/she approaches the court again and files an application to list the hearing date early. The court grants permission to list the matter early. 

This is an update in the case and 

  • Without automation – The chances of missing the court hearing is very high.. and, if you miss it, the court may grant a stay order. 
  • With automation – You are well informed that the date has been advanced and you can appear in the court to argue and put forth your point on why the court should not grant the stay order.

The benefits of a better system 

Automation creates an efficient and reliable system that is error-free, smooth and fast. The processes are less time consuming. Automation gives you unprecedented access to data and updates – you can easily access them anywhere, anytime.

By automating, you ensure that all the people involved in the case are on the same page. This helps your team to be proactive and plan ahead for days, or even months in advance. 

The benefits of a transparent and efficient system are not just restricted to your office. When updates and information are shared proactively, the clients are happier than ever as well! 

How Manage My Lawsuits is beneficial for your firm?

Manage My Lawsuits case management software is your go-to solution for automation. With our efficient software, you get regular, automated updates with timely reminders. Once automated, everything becomes systemic. Case diary, schedule management, calendar management etc all fall into place like pieces of a puzzle to create a structured, well-planned and progress oriented work culture.

Consult us today to know more about how automation can transform your law firm or your legal department.  

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