May 23, 2022

8 Tips for Starting Your Own Legal Firm

Wide-eyed, fresh out of law school, everyone has a burning desire to start a legal firm of their own and do something impactful. But only a handful of those dreams are turned into reality, and fewer still manage to succeed. That is mainly because not knowing the way, people flounder and get lost amidst the sea of advice and misinformation. The right opportunities, the right guidance, the right technology and just the right amount of luck can help you not only survive but do extremely well.

Here are 8 tips that will help you on your journey to start a legal firm of your own –

1. Just Go For It

Dreams do not work unless you take action. Owning a legal firm might be your cherished dream, but if you do not build your own dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs!

There is no perfect moment to start a firm of your own – you just have to create an opportunity, rather than wait for one. It is okay to go at it alone – it is not imperative to have a team. With time, expansion happens naturally.

Almost everything worthwhile carries with it some sort of risk. But by being aware of the situation and by being prepared for the risks, you can guarantee yourself a better chance at succeeding. Gain confidence and be sure to register your law firm.

2. Choose a Practice Area

It is important that you stick to your strengths by focusing on your area of expertise. Pick your practice area and highlight your core proficiency. Be it taxes, property, civil, criminal, etc., it is okay to cater to all the fields as long as the focus remains on your core practice.

3. Set a Vision

What you intend to strive for as a law firm and what you hope to deliver or achieve for your clients form your vision. Your vision should answer the big question of why your law firm exists. If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything. It is hence essential to have an accurate and concise statement that conveys what you do and who you serve. Goals are critical as they act as a guiding path and help you grow.

4. Get a Suitable Business Name & Location

What’s in a name? Well, simply put – a lot! A law firm’s name is the first thing most people notice. Traditionally, law firm names tend to include the names of the partners – Ramesh Chandra and Advocates, Azhar Meer and Associates etc being a few examples. The law firm name can also be something that conveys connotations of positivity, success or even inspires confidence – Radiant Law, Simplex Legal etc are a few examples.

Naming a law firm requires careful deliberation. When choosing a name for your law firm, it would be a good idea to check the website domain availability and the marketing friendliness of the name. When you finally decide on a name, do consider trademarking it.

Your firm’s physical address reflects the stability of your organisation. Do not move your address frequently. Choose an address where you are sure you can stay for many years. Ensure that your physical address is marked clearly on Maps – search engines help drive business to your firm.

5. Get a website, and create an identity.

Getting a regular inflow of clients can be a little challenging during the early days. What can help here is a website and social media presence. In the post-Covid world, building a website is more important than building a workplace. Therefore, spending on a good website and marketing strategy is a prudent investment. Your logo and website represent your firm . It is the first impression a client will get of your law firm. They need to communicate clearly and have to be attractive.

Your firm’s website must be easy to use for both you as well as the visitors. Having a mobile-friendly website is a big advantage as most of the traffic these days comes through hand-held devices.

A website can be optimised to reach your target audience better. SEO and digital marketing ensure that your website is ranked high in search engine results. Higher the ranking of your website, better your visibility.

6. Email & Business Card

Searchability and approachability are two factors that can help bring clients to you. Be it a traditional business card, an email id or your business’ presence on WhatsApp or Facebook, being easy to contact is a good way to emphasise on your honesty and accessibility. The communication channels must be easy and accurate.

7. Legal Software

The world is digitising and legal software is your key to gain an invaluable head start. Softwares such as Case Management Software and Legal Research Software simplify the management of a legal firm.

Case Management Software helps you manage your law firm at your fingertips. It simplifies information sharing and acts as a single point data retrieval. Matter management, to-dos management, Contacts management, hearing dates management, billing and documents management is made easy and hassle-free. It is a sustainable solution that not only saves time and resources but is also theft and damage-proof. Legal Research Software makes referencing easier, faster and more accurate. It provides data-driven insights on cases, courts, contacts, annotations and time-tracking. All the vital information required is made available with an easy to use the search feature.

8. Review Regularly

Feedback and regularly reviewing are good ways to improve upon performance. Mistakes should be examined, learned from and discarded and success must be duly rewarded. Reviewing progress is one of the essential elements of success.

To Conclude

The key to success is to dream big and start small. By being prepared and mitigating the risk factors, you can increase your chances of succeeding. Always be confident. Ignore the negative tones – better still, use them as motivation. Strive to fulfil the big ‘Why?’ that made you start the legal firm in the first place.

‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ Everybody starts at level 1. It is how far or high you get from there that counts.

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