December 15, 2022

Why are the clients not happy? Because you are not happy

Are your clients not happy? Have you thought about the reason for their unhappiness? Take a pause.. introspect and answer this – is it just the clients who are unhappy, or are you happy, but still your clients are not happy? 

Found your answer? Did the answer surprise you?

Most of the times, it is You who powers your clients

Clients are driven by your energy. Whenever the clients are unhappy, it is invariably because you are not happy. Your unhappiness may be due to many reasons – you might feel that the clients are overworking you, you might feel that they are too demanding, or it might be because you feel that they are not understanding or empathetic enough. Whatever the reason maybe, you are in business to serve the clients. Without clients, there is no need for you to work. You power your clients, and your clients power you. It is a symbiotic relationship. So it pays to make a little more effort, go the extra mile to keep your clients happy. 

Smiles have more value than frowns

Patience is a virtue and a smile is a weapon that can win you many battles. Be happy to serve your clients. When they are having trouble understanding a matter, put in a little more effort to clarify things. The matter might be easy for you, but that does not mean that it should be easy for them. 

Another common reason for grumpiness is that you might feel that the client ‘wants something extra all the time’. Asking favours is more common than you think. If your busy schedule does not allow you to be accommodative, you can include such small things while drafting out estimates. That way, when the client asks, you will be prepared to deal with the request. And, if they do not ask – well, it is a bonus for you! Keep in mind – when you say that you have done someone a favour, it ceases to be so.    

Happy clients, happy you

Having a positive mindset is the most important tip to keep your clients happy. A lit lamp can light up many lamps. Your energy and enthusiasm are what fuel your clients’ happiness. Be a lamp, do not be a bucket of cold water. When you are happy, your clients are happy. Your clients’ happiness drives you to work harder and better. This extra effort on your part pleases your clients more. And, happy clients means happy you! The entire sequence runs on a loop – your business will grow and prosper fuelled by the happiness of you, your team and your clients. A good place to be!

If clients are still unhappy despite your best efforts, here are 6 steps to address the issue –

1. Stay calm

A calm mind can get a lot more done than an agitated mind. When you are agitated, situations can quickly go from bad to worse.  

2. Identify root cause for dissatisfaction 

Put effort into identifying the root cause for dissatisfaction. Talk to your client, communicate, find out why they are unhappy. If you are not sure about how the ‘why technique’ works, do get in touch with us! We will help you out with a free session to demonstrate the power of the why technique. Contact us to know more. 

3. Offer solution 

Now that you know why they are unhappy, see if it is in your power to resolve their issue. Offer a solution that is agreeable to both.

4. Own that solution 

Work hard towards owning the solution. Put in a little extra effort. 

5. Get feedback

Now that you have put your best efforts, it is time to know whether the solution worked. Seek feedback from the client. Try to know if you resolved their issue and they are happy again.

6. Learn from mistake

Learn from the mistake and ensure it never happens again. It is easy to lose track of small things in the grand scale of things, but every client and every smile is important for a successful practice. Happy clients bring in more clients.

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