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Manage My Lawsuits offers comprehensive real estate software for lawyers, designed to simplify your legal practice. Our real estate document software ensures efficient document management, while our legal software for real estate enables you to handle cases seamlessly. With our real estate CRM software, you can enhance client relationships and streamline your workload. Explore a wide range of options with our real estate softwares and find your ultimate real estate law assistant software with Manage My Lawsuits.

Powerful Features

Real Estate Litigation Case Management
Case or Matter Management

Our case management system has made managing information easier than ever before. Create a case in just a few seconds.

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Real Estate Litigation Cases Causelist

Generate your High Court cause list in PDF format with just one click. Our legal solutions make creating lists fast and efficient.

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Real Estate Cases Hearing Dates Software
Hearing Dates Management

Identify in advance conflicts in hearing dates falling on the same day. Eliminate last-minute rush to courts & get those automatically.

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Real Estate Team Task Management Software
Tasks Management

Create tasks with a single click with our law software. They will get synced to the calendar and send you notifications & reminders.

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Real Estate ecourt cases ecourt api
Sync with the courts

Synchronise your case posting dates with Courts. Load publicly available data that is useful to your case.

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Real Estate Legal Documents Management Software
Documents Management

Upload & download all case-related documents to improve storage, collaboration, and security. You can access from anywhere, at any time.

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Real Estate Legal Client Management Software
Clients Management

Add any number of clients and their identifiable data. Organise client information in a structured way to give them updates.

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Real Estate Legal case calendar and reinders about hearing
Calendar and Reminders

Our legal case management software integrates a calendar, reminders and notifications just as you would expect from a software.

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Real Estate Legal Case Notes
Notes Management

Fill in notes under each case with the assurance that they will remain there for on-demand reference. You may use it for arguments.

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Our Acknowledgments

Ramesh Chandra using Court Software - Manage My Lawsuits
Advocate Ramesh Chandra,Ramesh Chandra and Advocate

The hearing dates reminder is by far the best feature of the software. It helps us prepare for deadlines in a more judicious manner. We are able to coordinate between advocates, clients & witnesses for written declarations, arguments and other documentation much before time. These reminders work better than the ones we were previously setting on our phones after looking at daily cause lists.

Mr. Sarode using Legal Software - Manage My Lawsuits
Mr. Sarode,Government Department, Mumbai

The legal department at our corporation was looking for cost-effective data management software. Manage My Lawsuits wasn't our first choice, but after the first trail, we were convinced that the functionality, user-friendliness & price point would work out well for us. The to-dos module & calendar provide us timely information & alert to make informed legal & business decisions.

Makarand Bakore using Practice Management Software - Manage My Lawsuits
Makarand Bakore,Advocate High Court, Mumbai

I like MMl as it tracks the next dates in matters across courts. It send SMS & email updates every time the court system updates the date. That helps confirm the next dates. Also, its causelist is a great way to know the listed matters in different courts. I can add matters in different ways to be shown in the cause list. The web interface is easy to use. MML has saved a lot of my time which i can use for other legal work

Biju K Nair using Litigation Management Software - Manage My Lawsuits
Advocate Biju K Nair,Managing Partner,

We tried out a few case management systems but settled on Manage My Lawsuits for its straightforward & distraction-free interface. The features are good, in particular, the notes management, customized cause lists & hearing date reminders. The best thing is that we are able to use it anywhere & at any time, so it's really like carrying your office with you!

GKM Associates using Case Management Software - Manage My Lawsuits
GKM Associates,Bangalore, India

I am glad that I have switched to mange my lawsuits as it is user friendly & easy to work upon. I am able to save half of my time after using this. it is a must for all the individual lawyers & the law firms.

Rakshith Kumar using Litigation Management Software - Manage My Lawsuits
Advocate Rakshith Kumar Law Kit,Bengaluru, India

MML is ideal for Indian legal professionals. It is the case management software I have been waiting for. Excellent value for money and top-notch functionality. Highly recommended!

Sumitra Choudhary using Practice Management Software - Manage My Lawsuits
Advocate Sumitra Choudhary,Delhi, India

This law management software makes a lawyer's life easy as well stress-free and save time considerably. Further, my clients & i can access files and documents from any part of the world.

Prashanth using Legal Software - Manage My Lawsuits
Advocate Prashanth,Kerala, India

A great dashboard with everything we could possibly ask for! MML fits perfectly with the needs of our law firm. Highly recommend it - try it and you'll be suprised at how it streamlines and organizes your daily tasks.

V K Bhat using Court Software - Manage My Lawsuits
Advocate V K Bhat,V K Bhat, kukkaje & Bhat, Advocates & Arbitrators, Bangalore

Excellent case management system! The guys at MML follow up promptly and solve any problems you may be facing while using the software. Possibly the best out there currently.

Dr. G.R. Srinivas Ram using Realestate Litigation Software - Manage My Lawsuits
Dr. G.R. Srinivas Ram,G.S. Raghu Ram & CO, Bangalore

I like that MML is so matter-centric & logically connected to everything. It has made me a better organizer & frees up time for personal work. I use the case diary the most & love the hearing dates reminders

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