June 1, 2022

Digitalising The Legal Case Diary

About Ramesh Chandra & Advocates

Mr. Ramesh Chandra is a Senior Advocate practising across the courts in Karnataka. He began his journey in 1988 in Civil Law around tribunals and courts. With several PILs filed in educational and environmental areas, he is now running a highly successful law firm.

The Challenge 

With a successful practice comes the ever-rising burden of an increasing number of cases to handle. Ramesh Chandra & Advocates was faced with the challenge of efficient management of case records and keeping track of the hearing dates. The prevalent practise at the firm was to enter the case data manually in a case diary. This obviously was an inefficient system as the number of cases to record was considerable. Also, people were entrusted with the responsibility of recording the data. As is common with the involvement of the human factor in any arrangement, the people entrusted with recording the data used to write it down on slips of paper, which often tended to get misplaced. Valuable case data was hence lost and forgotten.    

The firm was having trouble keeping track of the cases and the hearing dates. More often than not, they were left unaware of the court number or before which judge the matter was listed for hearing. Anybody familiar with a court complex is sure to know the number of floors and the number of rooms one has to negotiate before arriving at the right place! This often resulted in the firm being late for hearings, hence affecting its reputation.

The Strategy

When the client approached us with their problem, we studied their requirements and decided that a user-friendly template to upload the data was badly needed at their firm. Also, the need for a customised cause-list was felt which would enable the client to plan their day better and keep track of the hearing dates accurately. A digital case diary was also required to help the client organise better and record everything in one place, with easy access to the recorded data being a must.

With all these requirements in mind, we suggested the client to go digital and adopt Manage My Lawsuits (MML) – a 360-degree case & litigation management software at their firm.


With the adoption of MML, the client’s law firm became more organised and efficient. Data storage and access were easier and better than ever before. An effective digital case diary ensured that not even a tiny bit of case detail was lost. More importantly, it ensured that even a tiny bit of detail could be accessed instantly with the search tool. 

Our case management software also enabled the client to identify in which court the case was to be listed, in front of which judge, and the exact room number where the case was to be heard etc. This helped the client stay on top of things and ensuring that they had enough time to plan things ahead and prepare for the cases better.

With the implementation of MML,

  • 90% of the headache wrt to case management is gone at the law firm.
  • Data entry is accurate, efficient and easy to access.
  • Case entry is fast and precise – one case entry 5 mins. 
  • The whole process and software is very user friendly.
  • The client found an ideal solution that is highly cost-effective. 

The client is extremely happy with the way our software turned things around at the law firm.

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