The Next Big Thing in Legal Case Tracking
October 28, 2022

The Next Big Thing in Legal Case Tracking

Artificial Intelligence is the Next Big Thing. The influence of AI in various sectors is well established. The transformative potential of this technology is virtually seen in every sector – and the legal department is no exception. 

Artificial Intelligence – the way forward

AI technology adds new insights, new capabilities and new value to the legal case tracking domain. AI technology at its core is a software based system that automates tasks normally associated with human elements. The tasks may be reasoning, decision-making or learning based. In the legal world, AI simplifies the regular tasks such as case filings, tracking case updates, keeping track of hearings through alerts and reminders etc. The ability of the AI system to process data better is what makes the system more efficient and advantageous.   

AI in the legal world

Though the benefits of AI-based systems were discovered rather forcibly when the pandemic-induced digital model was thrust upon the legal world, the advantages and simplicity of the system is fast captivating the legal fraternity. The legal functions are pursuing automation at a faster rate now despite being inherently risk-averse and resistant to change. This is partly because the coronavirus pandemic depleted staffing budgets and increased workload by many folds. This left technology as the most obvious (and only) solution to cope with the load.

One of the critical tasks an AI-based software management system does is free and save time for the legal team. This allows them to focus on the more important tasks needed by the organisation while still ensuring that the routine and lower-value tasks are being properly serviced. The legal department or law firm can work smarter, be more efficient and reduce workforce burnouts to a large extent.

Why is AI poised to be the next big thing?

Research suggests that law firms and legal departments are increasing their spend on legal technology. This is because most legal departments and law firms, having discovered the advantages and benefits of a better system, are fast automating their processes. 

Task Management Automation

Most of the legal tasks such as fetching case updates, making entries in diaries, setting reminders etc are manual processes that are repetitive and follow a set pattern. With task management automation, an AI-based software can take over these tasks and perform them automatically. This improves the speed of operations and reduces chances of error. It also gives lawyers more time to focus on important product tasks. 

Data Security 

Data security is a top priority for legal departments and law firms. AI-based software helps legal departments and law firms cope with data security challenges by providing best-in-class solutions that enhance data management and offer better risk management by storing data in a secure cloud environment. 

The next big thing in legal tech

Risk is everywhere – Physically storing files and folders faces threat from fire, flood, theft etc., manually tracking data suffers from human error problem, reminder systems are again fallible owing to dependencies. The difference between stagnation and progress is the ability to take well calculated risks. Risk gives you an advantage. AI-based software solutions are the way forward – the only question is will you embrace it now or be forced to embrace it later. Covid made everyone adopt tech, whether they liked it or not. It was only after they were forced to embrace new technology did people realise what they were missing out on all these years. When there is a lot to be gained and very little to lose, what is the harm in trying out something new? 

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