December 8, 2022

How to convert your litigation pressure into pleasure in 4 easy steps

Pressure is an inevitable part of legal life. Litigation is stressful and time intensive. By identifying and understanding the issues that can create problems, you can better manage pressure. 

What is pressure in litigation?

Pressure in litigation is more common than one thinks. In fact, it is so prevalent that you can even categorise the trigger points! Broadly stated, the sources of pressure can be – 

From the client side – urgent situations like bail, stay order etc. that can crop up suddenly and have to be attended on priority.  

From the court side – maintaining time schedules, missed hearings, warnings due to insufficiency, submission of documents within a very limited time deadline, etc.

Internal – team changes, underperforming team members, compatibility of team, human errors, etc.

Pressure usually comes from a lack of preparation. It is inevitable, but the secret to getting past pressure is to stay calm and handle the situation.

How to convert pressure into pleasure 

You cannot be successful if you cannot handle pressure. So what is the first step to deal with pressure? Accepting it.

By accepting that the situation is inevitable, you will cease to fight it and instead channelise your energy into finding solutions to deal with it. When you start to find solutions, you will see that pressure can be an opportunity to rise. Pressure can make you, break you or shape you. It is up to you to choose whether you’ll be a broken pipe or a diamond – pressure is responsible for both.  

Pressure comes from within, so it must be mastered from within. Happy and calm people work better. Unless you overcome pressure, you will only be transferring it to others. 

Here are a few ways that you can deal with pressure –

1. Happy people work better 

Happy people tend to be more creative. They can find innovative and effective ways to solve problems. 

2. Assign urgent work to problem solvers

When you are in a pressure situation, you need people who can solve the problem – not people who panic and worsen the situation. Assign pressure jobs to people who can deal with pressure better. Find problem fixers, align the team and divide work accordingly. Ensure that no member of the team is burnt out and everybody has sufficient bandwidth to accommodate unforeseen emergencies.  

3. Hire competent and motivated people 

Look for people who are competent and motivated. Pressure is inevitable in the legal world, so hire people who find challenges motivating. 

4. Build your business for the future 

It is a fact of life that your law firm will be run by somebody else down the line. So why not ensure that you find and groom the right people right away? That way, you will have second line leaders ready. Time is crucial in pressure situations. So in case you are not available, they can deal with the situation and make decisions faster and better.  

5. Automate processes 

A software takes away much of the pressures of running a legal firm by automating many processes. This frees up your valuable time so that you can focus on more important things that require your attention. 

6. Have ready access to all data

A software is an efficient solution to store and retrieve data. It simplifies time consuming processes such as documentation and searching. A search tool is a lifesaver when you are looking for crucial case related data under time constraints that can otherwise cause pressure. 

7. Abide by deadlines and requirements

Committing to deadlines and abiding by them is an efficient way of working. But what happens when you commit to impossible deadlines or worse still, forget that you have an upcoming deadline? Pressure, and lots of it! A software with a calendar management tool and reminder tool is your go-to solution to deal with deadline problems. It helps you foresee the time commitments and review deadlines before you commit to them. Once you commit, timely alerts and reminders help you plan better, thus ensuring you will never miss a deadline again.   

Manage My Lawsuits

With our efficient software, you can automate the processes at your legal firm and make everything become systemic. Case diary, schedule management, calendar management etc. all fall into place like pieces of a big puzzle to create a structured, well-planned and progress oriented work culture. You will also receive regular, automated updates with timely reminders. Our software gives you ready access to data and resources at your fingertips. 

The streamlined process takes much of the pressure off your shoulders and turns your work pressure into pleasure. 

Consult us today to know more about how we can transform your law firm or your legal department into a happy and efficient work space.


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