How Can Reminders Make Your Legal Life Easier?
October 4, 2022

How Can Reminders Make Your Legal Life Easier?

A lawyer’s brain is like the Bermuda Triangle. Information keeps going in, but then it is lost amidst all the other stored details, only to be never found again – at least not when it is required! As humans, we are bound to forget. Forgetfulness is in our nature. If you do not forget, chances are you are not a human at all! Lawyers, due to the nature of their work and the immense amount of details that they need to remember, are more susceptible to the effects of lapse of memory. Given their work domain, errors can have severe and costly repercussions. As such, to mitigate human error and improve accuracy, lawyers need a follow-up system that is fail-proof.  

Too many matters – too less time!

One of the biggest tasks for law professionals is handling the deadlines associated with cases, documentation of case details, filings, hearings etc which are an inherent part of the legal world – all in time bound situations. The pressures of legal life are immense, which leads to important matters invariably slipping out of the mind. As lawyers lead a hectic life, it is essential to have something that can remind them of what needs to be done. 

To cope with the pressures of overload of data and dates, lawyers need a solid follow-up/reminders system. The absence of a dedicated system leads to stress, unnecessary workloads and inefficacy. 

Mind. Remind.

Reminders save time for lawyers, clients and courts. A reminder/follow-up system can be either automated or the more traditional human-dependent system. The main drawback of a human-dependent reminder system is again human error. Often, the person assigned with the responsibility of reminding will need to be reminded about the reminders! Such being the case, it is an error-prone, frequent-failure system that does not offer the peace of mind one expects from a reminder/follow-up system. 

A great organisational tool

Digital, automated reminder/follow-up system is a particularly efficient way to assign pre-determined reminders by using dedicated software. It prevents the human (secretary/assistant etc) from shouldering the added burden of delivering reminders. People fail, but systems do not. Furthermore, you also do not have to hire special staff to send reminders manually. 

How can reminders improve your firm’s efficiency and credibility?

Time is valuable and when you have too much to do, a fail-safe reminder/follow-up system will help you make your time as productive as possible.

Consider the following scenario from day-to-day life.

You are at work and receive a call from your child asking you to buy a few items on your way back home. 

The above event can have two outcomes depending on how you deal with the situation 

  • You have a busy day and the message slips through your mind. You return home after an exhausting day only to be reminded about the message at the doorstep. You then have to head out again to complete the shopping. Owing to the late hour, your regular store is closed and you are left searching for a store to find the items. You lose valuable time, spend more energy than required, and to top it all, you have a disgruntled/angry kid at home!
  • You have a busy day, but you set a reminder as soon as you disconnect the call. After an exhausting day, it is finally time to head home. A sudden, yet timely reminder, alerts you about the shopping that you need to do. On your way home, you stop to pick up the items and drive home to find a delighted kid waiting for you. Everyone is happy, thanks to the timely and useful reminder.     

The above two situations demonstrate how efficiency is doing things right, while effectiveness is doing the right things! Having a robust reminder/follow-up system in place is invariable to success. Humans are bound to forget, yes, but smart humans have a great reminder system in place that helps them be a master of minutes! 

Time is more valuable than money – you can get more money, but you cannot get more time. Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. A strong reminder/follow-up system helps you be more productive. The key is not to prioritize what is on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities and a reminder/follow-up system does just that. It ensures that you never miss a detail, event, meeting or hearing by automating the entire process and sending out custom reminders that alert you, thereby minimizing lapses and improving productivity and credibility.    

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