How can a Lawyer become an Author?
July 19, 2022

How can a Lawyer become an Author?

In life, the best source of knowledge is experience – and a lawyer has a ringside seat to the emotions and dramas of life as they unfold. They experience and learn first hand from the many cases and case studies that they handle and witness – with each case being a unique learning experience by itself. Being placed in a respectable position in society, a lawyer has the power and authority to influence and create an impact on humanity with the wealth of knowledge and experience they have gained over the years.  

The Whys 

Every lawyer must write at least one book. They have the power to positively impact society by spreading wisdom and awareness. By writing about their learnings from day to day life, they can change the way people think and act in various situations. They can also influence the way people deal with the legal situations that might arise in their lives – as an example, people going through marital discord can evaluate the situation dispassionately based on the understanding of similar situations other people went through and can decide for themselves whether to get a divorce or to avoid one. Even if one life is positively influenced, the whole endeavour of writing a book and sharing the wealth of wisdom will have come to fruition. 

Another beneficial aspect of writing a book is that it gives a lawyer a new avenue of brand creation and marketing. The society holds a literary personage in adulation and by being a published author, a lawyer will gain additional credibility and authority. A published book gives you an instant trust factor – people are more likely to trust a lawyer who has published works to his credit. Also, a book is a far better recognition creator than a visiting card. While a visiting card eventually finds its sad end in a trash bin, a book is a powerful marketing tool, which when placed in a bookshelf, gives visible publicity for many years to come.     

The Hows

A lawyer and an author have a lot in common. Both the professions share common skills. A few salient skills that will help you in the successful transition are – 

1. Articulate communication

An author, much like a lawyer, must be precise in language and communication. Like in the legal profession, every word is carefully chosen to create the maximum impact. A lawyer stresses on clarity, while an author stresses on both clarity and beauty. 

2. Multiple angles of thinking

Seeing and analysing a situation from multiple angles comes naturally to a lawyer. This is a very useful skill when you are trying your hand at writing. Being a master of situations gives you confidence and authority. 

3. Working within deadlines

Working under pressure and meeting deadlines are part and parcel of the legal profession. As an author, this comes in handy and allows you to be clear, precise and concise while adhering to strict deadlines. The faster you complete a job, the sooner you can move onto the next one. This will help you manage both the jobs efficiently.  

4. Imagination

The key to a compelling narration is imagination. A lawyer is blessed with great imagination. Anticipation of various scenarios and imagining different outcomes is part of the legal life. This skill will help you when you are making the transition to being an author. It will help you assess many possibilities and create a riveting storyline. 

5. Experience

A lawyer meets and interacts with hundreds of people. Every person brings a unique story and background. The rich colours of life help a lawyer understand life better and deeper than anybody.  


Writing is an addictive and a positive hobby – and when you hold the power of life-changing wisdom, you owe it to yourself and humanity at large to share the nuggets of wisdom and positively impact the society. At, Manage My Lawsuits we truly believe that every lawyer has ‘author genes’ by default. They have the experience, wisdom, hold over language, communication skills and imagination necessary to weave an intricate and engaging story. 

We urge you to try your hand at writing and if at all you need a gentle push towards creating your own masterpiece, we would be more than happy to help you out. Contact us for guidelines and help. Unleash your inner potential – THE POWER IN YOU!

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